Tuesday, November 22, 2011

spit up

The morning of Levi’s two day check-up was eventful.  We were doing great on time & with 20 minutes to spare. Levi was hungry so things were looking fantastic (because he more than likely wouldn’t be hungry while we were out).  So he ate & then spit up on me.  It was an amount I wasn’t prepared for.  It wasn’t just a little drool I could wipe off my shoulder.  This was a shoulder drenching spit up that would require a change of clothes for us both.  I hadn’t worked a new wardrobe into my schedule, especially considering I still had most of my baby weight & getting dressed took some extra effort. So our hopes of snagging breakfast first went out the window.. no biggie… so he ate again and we still were at least on schedule… and AGAIN he spit up, this time on dad. 

the joke is on you!
It was a good thing we were on our way to the doctor, I was a little concerned.  To my surprise, this was totally normal.  Even that amount.  Later I learned from my nurse friend that worked in NICU it ALWAYS looks like more than it is.  When she would work with premature babies they would have to chart about spit up.  So, as an exercise they squirted water out of a syringe onto each other.  She said 5ccs looked like a Ton.   

Levi is a “happy spitter” which means he usually doesn’t even notice as it is running out the side of his mouth.  It is mainly a laundry problem.  I always enjoyed wearing 2-3 outfits a day, now it is justified!  

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