Thursday, December 15, 2011

they call me the milk lady

My nickname from my husband and when he speaks for Levi is "the milk lady".  He will say, "Hey, who is that bubs... is that 'the milk lady' "  I love it! It is a name I have earned. 

Breastfeeding is the most difficult thing I have ever committed to.  I am solely responsible for Levi's every single meal.  If he has a tummy ache, I feel responsible because it could be something I ate.  Cutting dairy out of my diet eliminated most of Levi's belly aching, but from time to time, random things get to him. Cutting dairy is much harder than you would think.  Imagine your life with no butter, milk or cheese. He doesn't always want to eat when we are on the go, but if he skips eating during the day, we are up all night eating, so we live a pretty low key life right now. To me, these are short term sacrifices that will pay off with a lifetime of mental health and physical wellness.

On a molecular level there is just something so right when I feed Levi.  Hormones release & I feel good about knowing he is getting warm milk made just for him.  Mother's make milk gender specific and boy milk has more calories than a mother's milk with a baby girl.  As he gets older the milk makers pull the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals out and it changes as they grow. Amazing.  There a MILLIONS of live germ killing cells in one ounce of breast milk.... and so on and so on.  

My friend told me if she had known some of the things I knew, she would have breastfed beyond the 4 months she did.  She quit because she didn't have the support she needed from her family. It kills me that this is taboo in our western culture. Support is essential.  I am lucky for Lacey Echelle; my sister, Ashley Clinesmith; childhood friend, Heather; and nurse, Lisa.  They have all breastfed for a year and beyond.  It is a huge accomplishment! 

Random things to consider
1. When you breastfeed you generally don't have a period. Wonderful!
2. When you breastfeed it literally sucks the fat off of you. Double wonderful!
3. Dairy can make your baby's tummy hurt. Motivation to eat right!
4. Stress can dry up your milk. So stay calm at all costs and excuse yourself to chill out. 

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