Friday, January 6, 2012

MISSING | Rosa's runaway story

Recently our dog, Rosa, ran away... sort of. The wind blew the door open and she was wandering as she often does. She always stayed close. Someone had to have taken her in. It was the worst feeling in the world. A thick fog of sadness filled our home. We turned to God with fierceness in prayer and faith.

Today my bible study was about removing God from the emergency box to live victorious lives rather than just victorious moments. We learned so much during the time Rosa was missing. We practiced controlling our thoughts. While we would want to grieve her empty spot on the floor, I refused to shed a tear. "I have total faith she will return home," I said at least a thousand times. If only I could make every thought so obedient. We put our faith into action.  We hung signs, put ads in the newspaper, plastered facebook.  It has been a while since I was out sharing Jesus like this.  

The story of the prodigal son came alive, as we related with the father who watched for his son to return with faith. He saw him while he was still far off. This is how God sees us. We drew closer to the Lord and closer as a family. Praise the Lord for Rosa's return. Like we thought, she was close with a loving family... less than 200 yards from us.  They must have not left their home, her "lost" sign was about 100 yards from their front door.  They did eventually see it, in God's time I guess.  We are so glad Levi gets to experience her and her love. 
and Charlie Brown, too.